At ICG, we believe that a natural approach is the best approach.
We respect nature at every step of our process and we strive to deliver
high-quality, consistent sausage casings in a way that’s most beneficial
to our employees, our customers and our environment.



Consistently High Quality

When you purchase ICG natural sausage casings, you know you can expect the highest quality. Our natural casings come from large, government-inspected slaughterhouses and we deliver them into the hands of our highly trained employees on-site. Because food safety and quality are our top priority, our facilities hold high-level British Retail Consortium (BRC) and International Food Standards (IFS) certification. In fact, our American headquarters is the only casings facility in the U.S. to hold BRC certification. For an added layer of safety, we also have a Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) management system in place.



Capacity For
Any Order

Because we’re the experts on natural sausage casings, our planning and control department takes seasonal demand into account when feeding our supply chain. We control every step of the process to ensure that we have appropriate bandwidth in facilities across the globe. So we’re able to offer a superior product at a competitive price, whenever our customers need it. No matter how large your order, you can rely on ICG to deliver consistent, top-quality, all-natural casings on time and to any location.



Committed to
Our Communities

Not only do we serve our customers, we but also serve our communities. We receive our livelihood straight from nature, so it’s only natural that we would give some of it back to the world around us. That’s why we’re proud to support local charities and organizations in the communities we call home.



Striving for Sustainability

At International Casings Group, it’s our priority to maintain a sustainable environment for our vendors, our customers and our employees. By turning a layer of intestine into a beneficial, marketable product, we’re able to maximize the value of each animal. That means less waste, fewer chemicals and more resources.

From the slaughterhouse to our facility to your sausage, we strive to control every aspect of a sustainable supply chain. So we can ensure all regulations and the highest standards of quality are met. We do that by supporting those who support us: our employees. Special training, professional growth and other opportunities for empowerment make ICG a sustainable, encouraging work environment.

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